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Here are some comments by previous patients:

Joe Richie, Suffolk

I was recommended to go and see the Chiropractor from a client. I had a really bad sciatic pain that went all the way down my leg, I could not straighten up properly, was bent over and I literally crawled in to see her. I was really worried that I was going to have to give up work, I am a self-employed builder so I could not afford to stop working, but the pain was just getting worse and worse. I am partially paralysed in my right arm and she explained to me that over the years this had caused me to work one-sidedly; this had changed my posture and I had developed a curve in my spine, my pelvis was tilted and was pressurising the nerves and causing the pain in my leg. I could not believe it but after about 5 sessions I was literally about 2 inches taller and the pain had all but disappeared. It felt weird; I kept asking people “do you think I look taller”? I can’t remember being as tall as I am now! It feels great, I am stronger than ever and I am so relieved that I did amazingly manage to keep working.


Although sceptical about the treatment a chiropractor would offer, I was persuaded by my husband to visit The Chiropractor following weeks of bad neck and shoulder pain that went right down into my arm.  I was surprised that I felt improvement after a couple of visits and was soon back to normal and pain free.


Being a builder I have long had problems with my back.  Coming to see The Chiropractor at Bodyworks has kept me mobile and pain free for most of the time so I can continue to work. When necessary, I have an emergency treatment, which sets me back on tract.  I would definitely recommend this treatment.


I first saw The Chiropractor 3 years ago following an accident I had in a lorry I was driving. I had suffered a whiplash injury and this was further complicated as I also suffer from the rheumatic condition Ankylosing Spondylitis. On the first visit I was very impressed by the thoroughness of the examination and I felt immediate relief from the treatment. The Chiropractor has always been very supportive through some tough times; when the pain has been very bad she always manages to relieve my symptoms. I recently had to have a major operation on my neck to pin the vertebra that had been badly affected by the Ankylosing Spondylitis and The Chiropractor has taken time out to visit me at home for soft tissue treatment, which makes all the difference. It has been a long road to recovery, I am not there yet, but I have found her support invaluable.

Pauline S

I would travel anywhere to see The Chiropractor! I first saw her for knee and hip pain and she put that right in a couple of treatments. I work in accounts and at the same time I am also studying, so consequently I spend the majority of my day sitting hunched at a desk and this has had an negative impact as I suffer from back and shoulder pain. I guess I hadn’t realised how bad the pain in my back and shoulders was, I had just learnt to live with it! But I felt such relief from her treatment that I realised I had been putting up with pain and discomfort for too long. The Chiropractor has also given me postural advice on things I can do to help myself. As my problems stem from my work and study I still have regular “maintenance” treatments and I find that this is the best way to help keep me on track.

Joanne Digby,  Essex: PADI IDC Guide 

I started seeing The Chiropractor about 5 months ago.  I have suffered from headaches for years, but over the last 5 years they seemed to get worse and were occurring about every 2 weeks; nothing I did seemed to help them.   When they came on I would find the pain so debilitating, so much so that I couldn’t function normally and they would last for up to 2 days at a time.  Since I have been seeing The Chiropractor my headaches have reduced and I am more likely to suffer one once a month instead, this makes a big difference believe me!  I look forward to treatment, as I feel the benefit immediately.

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